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Royal Institute of Colombo was delighted to start its first batch of students last year who read for the prestigious Master of Laws programme from the University of London International Programmes and furthermore RIC is proud of the 100% pass rate of the first batch of students who sat for their exams. One of our students, Rosali, who is currently reading for her postgraduate degree quoted, “Meeting the high demands of the LLM offered by Queen Mary and UCL was a daunting task, however; Royal Institute of Colombo certainly made that task easier by providing additional reading material etc. RIC provides a safe study environment even late in the day, which is important to employed students in Sri Lanka to obtain an internationally recognized Masters from two of the most acclaimed colleges in the world.” This course was introduced after a careful analysis of the market where legal studies have become a necessity in opening the doors of success in many fields like International Business, Finance, and Corporate Management etc. The busy and hectic schedule of a working professional, who is in search of a postgraduate degree had been looked into at the initial stage of this programme. This prestigious degree with University of London, done at RIC enables professionals as well as legal graduates to enhance their qualification in the legal profession without hindering their personal and professional commitments. Renowned for its excellence in legal education, the collaboration of Royal Institute of Colombo and the University of London International Programmes, is one of the strongest and unique partnerships, which spans for a period of 25 years in the Sri-Lankan private tertiary sector.

Renowned reputation and a 5 star rate for both Queen Mary University of London ( (QMUL ) and University College London( UCL) Department of Law.

The programme is conducted through the University of London International Programmes and the academic direction of the Master of Laws (LL.M) is provided jointly by the Departments of Law of Queen Mary (QMUL) and University College London (UCL). The programme plan, structure and content are done by the academics of the Law Schools of University of London. They also develop and prepare study materials, set the examination papers and mark scripts. This ensures that the students world around are marked to international standards by the same examiners, differentiating this programme from the other programmes offered in Sri Lanka. This degree truly sets them apart from any other postgraduate student or studies, as they have joined an international community of high academic achievers.

Who can apply?

This internationally renowned postgraduate degree in Law is the MBA in Business Administration. Thus it is a valuable qualification for both legal and non-legal professionals which is flexible and enables students to tailor their programme according to their needs. To read for Master of Laws, one does not need an LLB, as it is a professional qualification, thus making it a unique feature to commence this degree. Professionals can do this Masters programme if the first degree is held in-line with the desired specialisation in the LL.M programme. Even if the applicants are non-graduates, but possess work experiences in a related field for over 5 years, they can commence the programme from Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and progress up. This programme is suitable for non-legal professionals, practicing lawyers, graduates or individuals who are keen to enhance their prospects with current or prospective employers.

The Uniqueness of this Programme:

The programme is assessed purely on exams. The examinations are held twice a year which provide the flexibility and convenience to the applicants to manage and spread their study load to the side of their other commitments. An inimitable feature of obtaining this degree is the students can earn three different qualifications in the process of completing their studies namely: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Laws (LL.M). Furthermore students can specialize in three different specializations in the said levels. This enhances a student to build his/her awards progressively.

What our Students Have To Say:


“I was attracted to the University of London LLM program because it is very prestigious and the international programmes are independent in nature. Having completed my graduate studies in Investment Compliance, I was quite new to legal studies by the time I enrolled with the program. But with the support I received from RIC and the great lectures offered by a fantastic lecturer, I am delighted to have completed my first stage of the LLM program successfully. I also changed my job during the period. I now work as an Executive for PricewaterhouseCoopers Sri Lanka. While working in the Risk & Compliance function I have constantly referred to and directly used concepts I learned from the course. Having a sound analytical framework has helped me immeasurably. I think the key to success was discipline which was really tough at times, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it, and it’s a skill that will serve you well in the future too. I hope to complete my LLM degree in Banking and Finance Law by next year” Akila Atapatthu | Executive | Risk, Quality & Independence  

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“It was a great experience endeavoring in the LLM external program offered by the University of London, this gave me great exposure to the world of company law. Royal Institute took it upon themselves to offer proper resources and lecturers to guide us through the program.” Himash Siriwardana


Some of Our Best Performers….

Royal Institute of Colombo – the only Affiliate Center in Sri Lanka for University of London – produced 24 BSc First Class graduates in 2016/17 academic year.