Becoming career-ready with Deakin degree programmes at RIC - Royal Institute of Colombo

Becoming career-ready with Deakin degree programmes at RIC

Becoming career-ready with Deakin degree programmes at RIC

A transformation of the education system is rapidly evolving within the circumstances of the current pandemic, where students have been facing major setbacks in pursuing their international higher education aspirations. The Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) has taken a timely initiative for students by offering a blended learning model for the Science, Engineering and Environmental fields through the Deakin Pathway Programs. Students are now able to complete their entire degree in Sri Lanka while becoming ready for a global career via Deakin Cloud Campus.


Why choose RIC to pursue the Deakin Pathway Program?

With a reputation of academic excellence spanning over 40 years, RIC holds its integrity as a world class education provider of highly sought-after international degree programmes from University of London and Deakin University, Australia. RIC has remained true to its mission of providing students with global opportunities with quality education. The employability of 89% of RIC graduates in the job sectors directly related to their degrees according to the RIC Graduate Survey 2020 exhibits the testament to RIC’s academic excellence.  Being the only institute to provide the Deakin University curriculum in Sri Lanka for the degrees in this pathway program, RIC equips students with skills required to settle well into the Australian study culture and to perform better academically.

Why get a degree from Deakin University?

With a Deakin undergraduate degree, students are able to build a strong career foundation with the learning approach that puts emphasis on hands-on and practical experience for one to become career-ready. The degree adds value to students, as the university ranks top in the following areas:

  • Top 1% of universities worldwide, according to Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) Rankings 2020
  • Victoria’s #1 public university for educational experience, teaching quality and student support according to 2020 Student Experience Survey, UA benchmark group Victorian universities
  • #1 Victorian University for student satisfaction for the past eleven years, according to the Australian Graduate Survey 2010–2015, the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016–2021 (GOS), Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)
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What is the cost advantage that you get at RIC?

As an RIC student, you can save up to 60% for an Engineering degree and up to 40% for the Science degree tuition fees with the RIC-Deakin Pathway Program as compared to starting at Deakin directly. Students who choose to complete their entire Deakin University degree program via Deakin Cloud Campus in Sri Lanka at RIC are entitled to receive the exclusive 50% Cloud Deakin bursary on the tuition fees. With this provision, you are further saving on approx. AUD 21,500 per year on living and accommodation costs every year as you pursue the degree in Sri Lanka itself. Moreover, if you’re an outstanding student and a high achiever, you can aim for the prestigious Deakin Vice-Chancellor (VC) Scholarship. Yasith Handapangoda, a prominent RIC alumnus had earlier been a proud recipient of the VC scholarship for the year 2020.


What is Deakin Cloud Campus and how does RIC add value to students?

Deakin Cloud Campus brings the Deakin Australia classroom directly to RIC students. Deakin’s dedicated online platform gives students access to classes, seminars, and resources, allowing them to participate in live-streaming seminars and class discussions, communicate in real-time with staff and students, as well as to submit assignments online. The sessions are also recorded, enabling access to students 24/7. Students can engage in active learning activities in real time with international students using innovative digital tools, while also being able to access the learning infrastructure for practical and tutorials along with the expertise of the lecturers at RIC.



Hiruni Siriwardene, a second-year student in Bachelor of Biomedical Science at RIC, shares her experience – “After successfully completing my first year, I was unsure whether to start my next semester online or wait until the borders open to start my second year in Australia. While I was also reconsidering to transfer my credit points to a university that offered a degree program for all three years in Sri Lanka due to the current pandemic, that was when RIC introduced the Deakin Cloud Campus that resolved all my concerns. As a Biomedical Science student, I could complete practicals using the RIC laboratory facilities. Moreover, as an international student I was able to benefit from DeakinSync platform where the Deakin University lecturers ensured to upload all the online lectures and respond to student queries promptly, which made it highly effective for offshore students.”


What do our graduates have to say?

The RIC graduates are high achievers who have excelled in Australia while pursuing the Deakin degree. A prominent alumna, Ms. Ruvidunu Karunaratne, was awarded with the Deakin Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship in 2015. She is currently a Systems Analyst in Ramsay Health Care Australia. Another RIC alumna, Sajani Siriwardene, a BSc. (Honours) Civil Engineering graduate of 2021 batch shares, “The prominent advantage of pursuing Deakin University degree at RIC is the seamless transition from Sri Lanka to Australia. Moreover, the network that you build at RIC is the stepping stone to get ahead of the countless opportunities in Australia”.


At RIC, students are encouraged to pursue their aspiration and realize their true potential. Our students and alumni who have excelled in their respective career fields in Sri Lanka and overseas with extraordinary performances provide testament to RIC’s commitment to academic excellence.