Entry Pathways - Royal Institute of Colombo

For the Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences (CHESS) or the Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Common Law, selection is done at the RIC, adhering to the criteria stipulated by the University of London. Therefore, applicants are required to submit an application to RIC, after which registration with the University of London will follow. Course Duration 1-5 years



For the Standard entry route for undergraduate study, entry criteria based on UoL requirements are assessed by RIC, upon which admission process with the University of London is recommended via RIC. Course Duration 3-6 years


For the Graduate Entry routes, the selection is made by the University of London and RIC will assist students to submit applications for the same. Course Duration 2-6 years


  1. 2 passport-size colour photographs with blue/white background which was taken recently.
  2. Copies of the educational certificates issued by the awarding body, satisfying the entrance requirements
  3. Two copies of the Original Birth Certificate
  4. Either a copy of the information page of the Passport or the English translation of the Birth Certificate.

Instructions for the submission of the copies of educational certificates.

  1. Copies of the certificates of the Sri Lankan GCE (A/L) and GCE (O/L) should be presented along with the original certificate issued by the Department of Examinations – Sri Lanka, to be verified by RIC.
  2. Foreign applicants with educational qualifications from their own country should contact RIC for clarifications about the equivalent of their educational qualifications with the UK system.

University of London

* a C (Credit) pass for English is a mandatory requirement as the language of instruction is English, for EMFSS programs a C pass in math is required

** For Law a C pass for English is a mandatory requirement as the language of instruction is English

*** Mathematics and Economics and Data Science Degrees require Mathematics as a subject at A/L’s

**** Request for a ‘Qualification Assessment’ to determine university acceptance


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