Environmental Engineering degree at RIC | Develop solutions-oriented skills to put you in high demand in a future-focused field - Royal Institute of Colombo

Environmental Engineering degree at RIC | Develop solutions-oriented skills to put you in high demand in a future-focused field

Environmental Engineering degree at RIC | Develop solutions-oriented skills to put you in high demand in a future-focused field

We are living in an era where climate change and environmental issues are the world’s leading concerns. The future awaits those who are able to develop solutions that ensure a sustainable balance between societal development and the use of limited resources in water, land and air. To this end, a grand new design for the future is now unveiled by Deakin University Australia at Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) – the Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Engineering.


Obtain a 50% Scholarship and complete your entire degree in Sri Lanka


The new Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) degree offers you an exclusive 50% scholarship along with the opportunity to complete the entire degree in Sri Lanka, with the comfort of being closer to home. The programme will be conducted in the Deakin Cloud Campus that follows a Blended Learning model, in which students will have the opportunity to engage in the real-time learning with other students and lecturers in Australia using innovative digital tools, while also having the access to learning infrastructure, practicals and lecturer’s expertise at RIC.


A Futuristic Career Path with RIC’s Environmental Engineering degree


RIC’s Environmental Engineering Programme has been established to cater to the interests of students seeking a futuristic career path at a global level as Water Project Manager, Green Building Engineer, Environmental Consultant and Environmental Engineer to name a few. The project-based learning with this degree further promotes growth of students’ communication, teamwork, project management and leadership skills, better equipping them for their future roles. The graduates will be job-ready, whether they choose careers in industry, government, or the humanitarian sector.


Strengthening Environmental Relationships – The Need of the Hour


The degree offers our undergraduates a unique opportunity to develop solutions-oriented technical and professional skills to put them in high demand in a field that is increasingly becoming relevant to shaping the global future. The objective of this programme is to prepare graduates so that they are able to strengthen their relationship with the environment and tackle global environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability and pollution. Students can gain knowledge across the environmental engineering industry in areas including waste management, water engineering, catchment management and soil and water remediation.


Modern learner-centric teaching methods unique to RIC


Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop sustainable engineering solutions through project oriented and design-based learning and lab-based practical classes. By combining design-based learning with authentic engineering projects, students learn how to apply fundamental and technical knowledge to develop innovative solutions to real world environmental problems, while also promoting the ethical, social and cultural responsibilities of a modern engineer.


Young Environmentalists’ Challenge (YEC) 2021


The Environmental Engineering degree has been introduced as a timely initiative by RIC in response to the enthusiasm expressed by participants in the recent Young Environmentalists’ Challenge (YEC) 2021. The competition was exclusively conducted by RIC and saw the overwhelming participation of bright young bright environmental enthusiasts from leading schools in Sri Lanka and overseas.  The students presented modern and creative solutions to environmental issues in Sri Lanka. You can learn more about the competition at https://ric.lk/young-environmentalists-challenge-yec-2021-concludes-with-the-final-international-round/





RIC’s Commitment to the Future


The degree programme empowers learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to address the interconnected global challenges we are facing, including climate change, environmental degradation, ecological imbalance and loss of biodiversity. These pose challenges and a potential crisis for our future generations, particularly in Sri Lanka and the wider region. In line with our core values, RIC recognizes the responsibility of educating the young generation of the country to be mindful of such environmental concerns, thus adequately preparing them to take individual and collective action to change our societies and care for the planet.


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