Wants to know how to become a Psychologist in Sri Lanka? Psychology is becoming one of the most demanding and attractive profession in Sri Lanka by creating a great demand. Most students are dreaming to become a psychologist and this opportunity is for those who are interested and passionate to create their career path base on psychology.

If you are also a student who have successfully completed your Advance Level examination and now looking for the best way to build up your career to earn a successful career, probably this is would be the best what you always looked for.

Royal Institute of Colombo is more than happy to present you a valuable opportunity to become what you are. The BSc psychology program offers by Royal Institute of Colombo is ready to groom you as a professionally qualified psychologist in Sri Lanka by opening up plenty of local and international career opportunities.

Our ultimate happiness is to become a key partner of your success. Make your dream come true as a professional psychologist. So come and discover what Royal Institute of Colombo offers you and get inspired by the valid qualifications that you can add to your career at Royal Institute of Colombo.

What is a psychologist?

Psychologist is one of the most demanding professions that has an international recognition and popularity. The career finds remarkably attractive with the considerable number of opportunities a psychologist gets.

The mental health related professional career is focusing on psychological evaluations and therapies to solve out and helping for the issues and conditions related mental health. To become a professional psychologist, it is required to have an advanced degree from a recognized institution. The psychology degrees mainly train the candidates related Science of Human Behaviors.

The well qualified psychologists have obtained the theoretical knowledge and has gone through the professional training sessions to treat the patients with psychotherapies by using the clinical skills.

Psychologists are mostly working at diplomatic organizations and universities by conducting researches and practices, while some of them are also work as practitioners in different educational institutes and profitable as well as no profited organizations. What makes psychology professionals more interesting is their active contribution in researches and practices.

Observation and evaluation of human behaviors and emotional conditions scientifically is what mainly train and practicing at psychological degree programs.

Now a question that positively comes to your mind might be “how to become a psychologist in Sri Lanka?” We are ready to enroll you as a professional psychologist in Sri Lanka and take a look at the following information to learn how to start you career as a professional psychologist.

How to become a psychologist in Sri Lanka

Becoming a psychologist in Sri Lanka is easier and more interesting than you imagined. Your dreams are now waiting to begin at your most trusted educational partner Royal Institute Colombo.

Becoming a psychology in Sri Lanka at Royal Institute Colombo is more fascinating now. Because we are proud to update and upgrade our degree programs and contents to its next level with loPPN at world famous King’s College London, that is known as the largest academic community in Europe, a reputed organization exclusively devoted for the studies and prevention of mental health.  So as the course units we present you are up to the international standards and qualities.

The BSc Phychology program presents by Royal Institute of Colombo covers the core areas of psychology while giving a great exposure to real world issues. What are the qualifications you get as a graduate of BSc Phychology? well, enrolling as a professional psychologist and going beyond, that will you to develop your career in most recognized sectors such as education, healthcare, legal services etc.

The degree program consisting different valuable courses those are covering in 3 years of degree programs. And after successfully completing the 3 years of course units you will be qualified to become your dream career.

Psychologist Career Path

Psychologist career path is a lot more than interesting one. All you need to have to do is professional qualification and related experiences which Royal Institute of Colombo is happy to help you with.

We are ready to offer you required educational qualification whereas you can easily join our 3 years of  BSc Psychology degree program, and we can take you through a series of trainings via the practical sessions we have included for your degree program, and at the end of successfully completing the degree program we are happy to connect you to a valid internship program as well.

As discussed, becoming a psychologist is a very successful career path that has a great recognition and an excessive reputation. Therefore, becoming a psychologist will open up many great opportunities for you. you have opportunity to become what you most like in your dream career where you can work as a psychotherapist, social worker, counselor or researcher in many sectors include education, human resources, research, communication, media, and many more.

Complete an internship

Another great opportunity that you get by obtaining a psychology degree at Royal Institute of Colombo is the valid internship programs we introduce you after successfully completing of BSc Psychology degree. Going through an internship program at recognized organizations and related project will surely offer you a great experience in what you studied.

Professional experiences are what making you extra qualified in related industry, and following a psychology degree program at Royal Institute promises to get you both educational and vocational qualifications and related experiences.

The internship programs that we are happy to connect you are always based on your favorite path where your career is heading you to. You will be getting chance to join academic sector, law and enforcement, mental health managements, industrial psychology, hospital, human resources, media, communication etc.

Royal Institute is the right place to fulfill your dream career related psychology. Our professionally qualified academic and nonacademic teams are always there to support you the best and guide you to make true your dream career.

With Royal Institute, the future that you dreamed of is not so far away. Connect with us for more information or to register yourself for the next intake and we are more than happy to be the part of your life dreams.

So contact Royal Institute of Colombo to enrol in psychology degree in Sri Lanka.