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Importance Of Healthcare! 

Importance Of Healthcare! 

When the directors of globally prestigious audit firms sat down to write their customary annual Healthcare forecast for 2020 – they proposed the industry focus on delivering cost-effective care, better patient experience, embrace new technology, attract & retain skilled staff. The thought leaders and their teams may have envisioned that they had played their part in steering the world in the right direction. Come March 2020, none of the recommendations would prove to help the world fight the global COVID 19 pandemic.

What proved to work was the act of simply going back to the basics; the use of the clinical knowledge and training of our existing healthcare professionals to steer each country, with the break of each dawn as it came. They responded in real-time to solve new, novel, and unheard of health conditions that their countrymen, women, and children faced. They combined their skill with out of the box thinking, to stretch their reach beyond their own communities to steer nations towards the path of safety. In a nutshell, the world met the healthcare system!

Irrespective of the global pandemic, the health of a nation always reflects its ability to prosper on all other accounts. In the pre-pandemic times, ‘The Global Livability Index’ created by ‘The Economist’, listed access to good healthcare as one of the key indices that would qualify a city to be eligible to join the ranks. This reflects the paramount importance that people place, on the ability to have access to good healthcare. The healthcare system of a country inadvertently then becomes the bedrock of a country’s prosperity.

However, what does it take to provide a reliable healthcare system? The answer lies in creating a system of unique experts from many fields coming together to create a system that provides multidisciplinary care. This ensures that the patient, who is at the heart of all healthcare services, gets to experience holistic care that caters to all their needs physically and emotionally. The healthcare industry hence holds the responsibility to build and nurture each part of the system that can reliably provide this multidisciplinary care – be it simple primary healthcare or complex tertiary healthcare.

Interestingly, like any other industry, the healthcare industry is subject to ever-changing global needs and trends. This can push any industry to evolve at rates that are not always conducive to the growing demands. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that half of the healthcare staff is accounted for by nursing professionals. In the pre-pandemic era, the WHO reported a current shortage of healthcare workers, by 5.9 million. This number was reported to stretch to 9 million by the year 2030. Nurses already being half of the workforce in the healthcare setting displayed the highest shortage. WHO recommends a growth of 8% of nursing graduates in each country annually, to meet this demand – a challenge every county should aspire to meet. Royal Institute of Colombo has committed to take on this challenge. We are foraying into the field of Healthcare via a new course in Healthcare Practice, with a focus on Nursing & Nursing Assistant. Let us help you meet your ‘Professional Beginnings for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Needs’!