Kishani Alanki Perera - Royal Institute of Colombo

Kishani Alanki Perera

RIC Law graduate (LLB) Media personality, Talk-Show Host Entrepreneur



As a child my ambitions varied from time to time. I had no clear direction as to what I wanted to be when I grew older. I took time off and then realised gradually that law is a subject that really interests me. I loved studying for my LLB and was intrigued by the subject and I knew I had chosen the right field of study. I am currently an entrepreneur, media personality and a talk show host. I feel that education is important and that it truly helps in shaping you to be who you are meant to be. Through my current talk show on YouTube I have been able to discuss topics of relevance to society such as current affairs, law, politics and social issues. Many have said that they learn so much by just watching my show and I’m glad that I could contribute and pass on what I’ve learnt so far in life to the younger generation in Sri Lanka in my own little way.


RIC Law graduate (LLB)
Media personality, Talk-Show Host Entrepreneur
Past pupil of St. Nicholas’ International College and  Colombo International School