Mr. G.T. Bandara (BSc, MBA, Dip. Stat, Attorney-at-Law, Solicitor (UK)) - Royal Institute of Colombo

Mr. G.T. Bandara (BSc, MBA, Dip. Stat, Attorney-at-Law, Solicitor (UK))

Chairman, Royal Institute of Colombo

We believe that, in education, the journey is as important as the destination, RIC provides its students to go through a rich educational experience. A significant achievement of RIC is that it currently has more than 800 students reading for their Degrees and other qualifications and has so far produced over 1500 graduates of the University of London.

Tertiary education is an important juncture in one’s life where well-informed and well-thought decisions should be taken carefully. Thus both parents and students must prudently analyse the options available including the recognition of the awarding body and the provider institution, competent staff, facilities available, past performances, employability of graduates etc. Ensuring quality higher education is the norm at RIC and we strive hard to achieve the best for the success of our students.

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