Prof. Sarath Amunugama - Professor Emeritus (PhD (Sorbonne)) - Royal Institute of Colombo

Prof. Sarath Amunugama – Professor Emeritus (PhD (Sorbonne))

President, Royal Institute of Colombo


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Tertiary education in Sri Lanka has consistently undergone changes and evolved over the years to an extent where many foreign education entities proliferate in Sri Lanka offering their undergraduate programmes. Through education a person /student acquires values which may spur human and social capital which should definitely lead to optimistic financial yield. Royal Institute of Colombo offers undergraduate programmes in Law, Economics, Finance, Management and Social Sciences through the University of London International programmes, and Engineering, Science and Environmental Science through Deakin University providing opportunities for Sri Lankans and foreign nationals residing in Sri Lanka to excel academically. Thus obtaining such reputed qualification from prestigious Universities leads to higher employability in many sectors locally as well as internationally. Quality of education provided at RIC is unparalleled and with the facilities available and the expertise of the lecture panel reaching the objective of ‘academic excellence’ is an absolute reality.

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