Thilina Udayarathna - Royal Institute of Colombo

Thilina Udayarathna

Business Analyst, Mas Active (Pvt) Ltd. First Class (Honors)-BSc in Mathematics and Economics

My decision to take up the BSc in Mathematics and Economics taught me more than just what was on the books. The three years taught me a great deal about independent learning, striking a balance between work, studies and leisure, and chasing your dreams.

As we move on in life, it is essential that we learn to do things on our own. There comes a certain time and age when dependency alone won’t be the solution to our problems. This was especially true when it came to my university education. While my lecturers supported me in every possible way, I realised that depending on them alone won’t get me anywhere. My second year was almost a wakeup call for me to realise that I had to work hard on my own. RIC and its lecturers will lay down the correct pathway and direct you on how you need to move forward, but it is up to you to overcome the many blockades that come your way and triumph.

Yet another life lesson that I learnt was balance. Today’s corporate world is so competitive that book-talent alone is not going to get you far. You’re required to make swift decisions on-the-spot. This knowledge is something you won’t find in your short notes. Admittedly, striking that perfect balance between my extra-curriculars and studies was tough. Once again, my second year’s performance bears testimony for this. But, I was always on the drive to do better the next time. Balancing is key to helping us with time management. My 3 years at RIC gave me a glimpse of what life was going to be like when we finished. I am glad that I was able to strike that balance between my studies and my extra-curriculars.

If you have a dream, go after it. These last three years pushed me to work harder than I’ve ever worked before. My time at RIC had its fair share of highs and lows. But what it taught me as an educational institution is to not let one failure get the better of you. And failure is a part of any success story. It was my dream and goal to obtain First Class Honours. My second year’s performance almost snatched this dream away from me. But, I didn’t give up. I believed in myself, I worked hard day in and day out and I somehow reached where I wanted to be. RIC provided that holistic motivational environment to work hard and devote myself to chasing my dreams, no matter what the odds were.

To you who’s reading, I can leave you with one thought:

Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes you have to face that failure to realise just how strong and capable you are. That realisation will make you reach your target.’


Thilina Udayarathna

BSc in Mathematics and Economics

1st Class Honours