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RIC Spring of Wisdom Challenge 2021

RIC Spring of Wisdom Challenge 2021 originates from a simple idea of
‘Spring of Wisdom’
that RIC adheres to. It is the foundation upon which our vision of providing quality education is embedded with, i.e., by helping students to be better versions of themselves through academic pursuits along with extra-curricular activities and intellectually challenging competitions.
Our objective is to offer students an overall learning experience enabling them to gain wisdom
that they can apply in every realistic aspect of their life.
We invite you to be a part of this initiative!

Will you take up a challenge?

• To become a real-life problem solver

• To create your ideal solution for a household or social problem

• To benefit your community with a simple idea

Take your Step!

All your students need to do is:

Select the Project Topic

Find or request for a mentor

Fill in the Google form or send details via email.

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