Student Life - Royal Institute of Colombo

Student life

Embarking on your university education shall open up new avenues where you build connections and pursue your passions with much fun as well as excitement. We’re dedicated in making your student life more enjoyable by guiding you on what’s in store for you.

Discover RIC

Our intention is to provide you with the best experience a student could receive during their time at RIC. Get to know the places at RIC where you could relax a bit with friends while having a snack, be part of a club or society that is in line with your interests and gain access to recreational and health facilities.

Clubs & Societies

University life becomes wholesome not only with academic related aspects. The numerous clubs and societies at RIC shall enable you to meet new people, share knowledge, gain exposure in trying out new things, and also to uncover your hidden capabilities and talents. To make the most of your time at RIC, join the sports, cultural, academic, religious, and social clubs and create for yourself, a comprehensive student life.