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Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) is devoted to academic excellence in tertiary education – a premier English medium non-state educational institute in Sri Lanka. RIC provides you the opportunity to read for Degrees and Certificates (Diplomas) offered by the University of London, UK and Deakin University, Australia. Gain a world class qualification.

There are many pathways to tertiary study, regardless of your background. However, completion of either Cambridge, Edexcel, or equivalent GCE Ordinary Level or Advanced Level (National/London), is a prerequisite for tertiary educational qualifications offered at RIC.

Your entry into all courses will be assessed on the basis of your academic qualifications and results. However, should a student not meet admission requirements, pathway options are available to applicants who don’t meet these general requirements.

Request a ‘Qualification Assessment’ to determine is you are suitably qualified to apply for study in your chosen field, specifically if your application is based on pending Advance Level results.

Qualifying students are encouraged to understand and complete the Application and Selection Process, well in advance of the Intake deadlines published below.

RIC student registration with the Awarding Universities will be completed via RIC (online) as required


Intake Dates*

Awarding University Programme Intake Opens Closes
The Royal Institute of Colombo Orientation Programme One Intake Only November February
RIC Foundation for Deakin 1st Intake December March
RIC Foundation for Deakin 2nd Intake August September
University of London EMFSS Programmes 1st Intake May July
2nd Intake July September
Laws Programmes 1st Intake June July
2nd Intake August September
International Foundation Programme One Intake Only April August
Graduate Diploma Programmes One Intake Only May September
LLM 1st Intake July September
2nd Intake December February
Deakin University, Australia STEM programmes 1st Intake February March
2nd Intake August September

*Call the office on 77 23 55 000 and reconfirm intake dates, above is only a guideline.



While a student may meet the entry requirements to a programme, RIC has structured application and selection processes to ensure a student is competent to meet the demands and rigor of the academic programme. The application process has no financial commitments.

As a first step, you will be required to fill out an application from and supply all required supporting documents.

An aptitude test designed to assess the student’s current knowledge level will be administered, upon prior appointment, in relation to the programme chosen.

Student interviews will be then conducted as a final measure to assess suitably to join the programme conducted by RIC.

The Selection is a competitive process and depends upon meeting the selection criteria for each course. Candidates may be referred to a foundation level course owing to eligibility requirements.

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