Royal Institute International Auditorium (RIIA) is exclusively designed and constructed with latest technology, optimized acoustics and a six-zone comfortable climate control system to meet the international standards of the millennium.  The classic set up elegantly serves both theatrical, ceremonial and professional purposes with its amenities to host a plethora of prestigious events including stage plays, musicals, assemblies, inaugurations, convocations, school concerts, lectures/seminars, etc. This luxurious masterpiece with its spacious seating arrangements comfortably accommodates an audience of 700. RIIA comprises spacious green rooms, VIP lounge, board rooms, etc. to augment the facilities it offers.

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Board Room

The state-of-the-art Board Room at RIC designed with world-class conference systems and accoutered with classic fittings and furnishing creates the finest meeting environment imaginable. The room is elegantly furnished with dual video wall presentation system that links to and facilitates four devices simultaneously allowing two presenters to utilize the latest multimedia projectors and screens on either side optimizing maximum view. The room directly accommodates 18 – 20 participants at the table with access to individual mics; ample space is available for any added seating. In addition, first-rate board room technologies with hi-tech web cams facilitate audio/video conferencing.

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Moot Court

The Moot Court at Royal Institute of Colombo captures the essence of what it means to be a practicing lawyer and provides law undergraduates as well as senior school law students with the exclusive opportunity to put their classroom learning into practice. Following extensive research, the Moot Court is carefully designed to simulate absolutely elite courtroom environment that cultivates an understanding of the gravity, dignity and integrity of the profession young law students are to enter. The detailed design of the setting permits moot hearings across all levels of judicial hierarchy thus enhancing the experience.

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Computer Laboratory

The spacious computer laboratory at RIC comfortably accommodates 50 – 60 students at a time. With the latest machines connected to internet via redundant internet links that assure high level performance, and multimedia projectors, screens and audio/video amenities made available on demand, the RIC ICT laboratory has created a hi-tech, yet peaceful and comfortable environment for undergraduates to carry out all Information Technology linked study tasks, especially as a top-notch tertiary education provider offering world-class ICT degrees from the Deakin University, Australia. While the network and device level performance are constantly monitored by the inhouse ICT team to ensure uninterrupted facility, access to unlimited wi-fi serves as another certain plus.

Biology/Chemistry Laboratories

The advanced Biology and Chemistry laboratories at RIC meet and maintain international benchmarks to deliver the best laboratory experience to undergraduates. Their design and fixtures comprise a state-of-the-art setting and branded apparatus for biomedical, microbiological, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical applications. Undergraduates pursuing Science and Engineering degrees from Deakin University, Australia receive the exact exposure to and experience with high-tech laboratory equipment, amenities and experiments throughout their entire three-year study period here at RIC.


The Wi-Fi enabled library opened 24/7 at RIC is a comprehensive facility available to all undergraduates and academics to refer resources, browse and borrow. The RIC e-library provides a conducive environment for online learning. Students may login to the University of London (UoL) and Deakin University e-library accounts and explore numerous e-books which serve as a trove of virtual resources that support the RIC academic programmes and encourage and enhance leisure reading.

Lecture Rooms

All lecture rooms at RIC are amply spacious, elegantly furnished and carefully maintained by committed service support staff from across campus who ensure high quality learning environments. All lecture rooms are well ventilated, classily illuminated and enhanced with technology-led hybrid learning systems that enable both, learners and lecturers to conveniently connect with each other either in person or via technology to share knowledge and ideas. Every lecture room at each level can be reached by two elevators, front and rear, in addition to the stairway.

Sports Complex

Royal Institute Sports Complex located in Wijerama is indeed a fitness hub that houses both indoor and outdoor sports, and comprises a massive swimming pool, a badminton court, a basketball court and a fully-fledged gymnasium along with a cafeteria. Any student, alumni, corporate athlete or a regular fitness enthusiast is welcome to utilize the amazing facilities under the supervision of experienced, personalized trainers to maintain a healthy and rejuvenating lifestyle.