The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of RIC is referred to as RIC LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply and Perform). It is exclusively engineered with RIC undergraduates at the forefront of its mission.

Key Objectives:

  • Guide the students and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to pursue a rewarding career and handle the challenges of corporate life
  • Provide platform and opportunities for all-rounded development of students and create graduates who stand out above the rest

RIC LEAP is comprised of five major initiatives of the Career Guidance Unit of RIC – Academic Enrichment, Mentorship Programme, Corporate Partnership, LevelUp – Skill Development Initiatives and Alumni Engagement.


Academic Enrichment


The Academic Enrichment Sessions are organized by RIC on a regular basis for all levels of undergraduates across all degree programmes. These sessions are facilitated by recognized and experienced practitioners and resource persons with different specializations having industry expertise and experience on the practical applications of the concepts and theories learnt in class.


professionals who provide valuable industry insights in their respective fields of career. 


Key Objectives:

  • Facilitate our undergraduates with a smooth transition from their university life to professional world so that they become well equipped to deal with work life challenges.
  • Enable students to build a strong profile through practical learning and networking experiences with alumni, mentors, and corporates.


Corporate Partnerships  

Undergraduate Internships

At RIC, we encourage our undergraduates to pursue internship opportunities during the second and third year of their studies. We have partnered up with several corporates that offer invaluable internship opportunities to our undergraduates, most of which convert into full-time job opportunities. 


Key Objectives:

  • Facilitate our students with the opportunities to widen their career thinking and awareness of the global market
  • Equip students with the know-how that is beneficial to succeed when they complete their studies and step to the corporate arena.

Graduate Employment Opportunities

The CGU of RIC has built up successful corporate partnerships where many of our graduates have been excelling professionally. According to the Graduate Outcome Survey 2020, 89% of RIC graduates are employed in the job sectors directly related to their degrees. Further, the leading employers provide their testament to the quality of education and academic excellence that we provide at RIC.


LevelUp is a well-structured training programme aimed at personality and professional skill development of our undergraduate students. 

Key Objectives:

  • Provide opportunity to bridge the gap between one’s own personal traits and those that are expected as a professional in the corporate arena. 
  • Develop soft skills such as presentation, facing interviews, CV writing, crafting cover letters, developing LinkedIn profile, etc. that are vital for corporate life
  • Provide exposure and career related opportunities through career fairs conducted by the Luminary Learning Solutions, with their expertise of in providing training and facilitation on Leadership and Essential Skills.

Alumni Engagement

The alumni engagement is one of the significant scopes of RIC LEAP initiative. With the revival of RIC Alumni Association in 2021, RIC has focused its efforts to encourage, foster and promote close relationship with the alumni. Further, in our effort to promote a sustained sense of belonging to the Alma Mater, RIC extends support to the alumni body with membership benefits plan to provide the best to RIC community through collaborative initiatives.