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This degree focuses on how mathematics and economics connect and interact. You will not only acquire technical skills, but also powers of analysis. The ability to think analytically will enable you to adapt to new developments in your chosen career. You will be able to understand how rigorous proofs can be given in mathematics, and see how the theories developed can be used in an economics context. The general skills you will gain will enable you to proceed to a successful career in many fields.


Degree Structure 

Standard Route

100 Courses

EC1002 Introduction to economics
ST104A Statistics 1 (half course) and ST104B Statistics 2 (half course)
MT1173 Algebra
MT1174 Calculus

200 and 300 Courses

EC2065 Macroeconomics
EC2066 Microeconomics
MT2116 Abstract mathematics
MT2176 Further calculus (half course) and MT2175 Further linear algebra (half course)
One course from the following:
• EC3044 Economics of development
• EC2020 Elements of econometrics
• EC3015 Economics of labour
• EC3016 International economics
• EC3022 Public economics
• EC3099 Industrial economics
• EC3115 Monetary economics
• EC3120 Mathematical economics
• IR3026 International political economy
One 300 course (or two half courses) from Selection group N
One 300 course from Selection group E
One 300 course (or two half courses) from Selection groups E or N


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