Ms. Buwaneshi Uththara Pathiraja

Lecturer cum Academic Coordinator – Biomedical Science

Academic Qualifications:

  •  Master of Biomedical Science (specialized in Discovery/Neuroscience)
    (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne,
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (specialized in Infection and Immunity)
    (Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus, Australia)
    – Achievements: Graduated with ‘Distinction award,’ and STEM scholarship recipient

Professional Development – Certifications:

  • ANZCCART – ComPass Animal Welfare Training (The University of Adelaide,
  •  The Good Clinical Practices (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
    – NIAID)
  • Bacterial Genomes – Disease Outbreaks and Antimicrobial Resistance (Wellcome
    Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, UK)
  • Research Integrity Training (The University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Melbourne Plus – People Leadership (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blood-Brain Barrier and Focused Ultrasound Technology
  • Brain Performance Enhancement
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Neuroscience
  • Infectious Diseases

Research Interests:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  •  Precision Neuroscience
  • Brain health and ageing
  •  Neuroethics
  • Global Health and Disease Epidemiology

Research Projects:

  • Transient Disruption of the Blood-Brain Barrier using MRI-guided Focused
    Ultrasound. (Alfred Research Alliance / Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia)
  • Does the Consumption of Chocolate Improve Brain Performance in University
    Students? (Deakin University, Australia)

Research Experience: 2 years

  • Junior Scientist (Faculty of Medicine, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence
    University, Sri Lanka)
  • Master’s Research (Alfred Research Alliance / Royal Melbourne Hospital,