The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) - Royal Institute of Colombo

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of RIC is engineered with students at the forefront of their mission. While seeking to impart valuable life and soft skills to our students across the Laws, BSc and Deakin programmes, the CGU stands ready to guide students along their transition from student to professional life.

The CGU is dedicated to honing the “RIC Advantage”, gearing our students with skills and providing them with opportunities outside of the scope of their respective degree programmes. The objective of this pioneering initiative is to ensure that when a student of RIC graduates, they do so with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to make their mark in their chosen places of employment.


One of the highlights of the CGU’s efforts has been securing RIC’s partnership with Luminary Learning Solutions, engaging an extensive soft skills development programme for students at RIC on an annual basis. The programme delves into essential aspects of the corporate/work life – which would otherwise go unspoken about, allowing our graduates to better navigate the murky waters of their first place of employment. Concepts such as emotional intelligence, engaging with seniority, business etiquette and personal branding form but a fraction of the agenda of the programme. Beyond this, other aspects such as effective CV writing, time management and learning how to overcome professional and personal challenges also constitute part of the programme – skills which would serve our students wherever they go, whenever they do.

Academic enrichment sessions are conducted throughout the academic year by the CGU, where we invite guests from various industrial backgrounds and entrepreneurs to share their insights, experiences and challenges to inspire and encourage students to reach greater heights in life.


Another key event that adds to the “RIC Advantage” is the RIC Career Day, creating the platform to provide opportunities for students to learn about a wide array of careers. Companies such as MAS, John Keells, Brandix, Acquity, Verité Research, D. L. & F. DE SARAM are few of the many well recognized organisations who visit us on Career Day, conduct on the spot interviews and offer internship and job opportunities for our students. The trusted network that RIC has created between the institute and the external environment, whether it be corporates or firms within the legal fraternity in Sri Lanka, is a testament to the wide-reach that RIC graduates have once they leave our halls.

The “RIC Advantage” is, therefore, no myth. It is a meticulously crafted element of what makes our graduates so effective and desired in their post-university life. The success our students enjoy in their chosen paths after graduation is directly linked to the exposure and knowledge imparted unto them by the CGU.