Making Sense of Our World: Excelling in International Relations at RIC

In an era where geopolitical developments wield seemingly unparalleled influence, the pursuit of an undergraduate degree in International Relations at the Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) is a strategic investment for your future. Nestled within the academic ambit of the University of London and guided by the discerning hand of the London School of Economics (LSE), this program offers a unique lens through which students can navigate the labyrinth of global politics.

The discipline of International Relations is deeply influenced by and transcends several important subjects including law, economics, political science, philosophy and sociology. By choosing to pursue an undergraduate degree in this field at the Royal Institute of Colombo, students open doors to a world of knowledge that enables them to critically analyse issues like climate change, inter-state diplomatic relations, and the permissiveness of conflict in the global arena.

The Royal Institute of Colombo’s collaboration with the University of London and LSE ensures that students receive a world-class education incorporating cutting-edge research and real-world insights. The curriculum itself is designed to foster intellectual curiosity and analytical thinking. Students are exposed to a comprehensive range of subjects from foundational courses in political theory and foreign policy analysis to specialized explorations into global governance and internal armed conflicts. The interdisciplinary nature of the program encourages students to connect the dots between political, economic, and social forces, preparing them for the nuanced challenges of the global arena.

After graduation, some gravitate toward diplomatic circles, shaping foreign policies and fostering international cooperation. The private sector also beckons, with its demand for individuals skilled in global market dynamics, knowledgeable about human rights and adept at mitigating geopolitical risks. From multinational corporations to consulting firms, the corporate realm recognizes the value of graduates equipped with a nuanced understanding of International Relations. The media and journalism sector also provides a fertile ground for graduates of International Relations. Armed with a deep understanding of global events and the skills to analyse and communicate complex issues, they can thrive as international correspondents, analysts, or editors. Additionally, the fields of research and academia eagerly welcome the expertise of individuals equipped with a solid foundation in International Relations.

Choosing to pursue an undergraduate degree in International Relations at the Royal Institute of Colombo, with its affiliation with the University of London and academic direction from the LSE, is not just an investment in education; it is a strategic move to ensure that you are ready to take on the world and all the complexities it has to offer.


Shakthi De Silva

Visiting Lecturer RIC (International Relations).