Looking for one year degree courses in Sri Lanka? Right education not just offer you a valid qualification to you curriculum but is also upgrade  your profile in many ways. With busy life schedules one year degree courses earning more popularity among the students as it serves many benefits.

Following a one-year degree course will be an interesting topic to concern, but at the same time you may have a lot of confusions and concerning probably that might require a proper guidance and a helping hand to direct you to the right.

The question that may possibly have you at the moment would be would be how to chose the right, what to choose and the institution that will suit your requirements, and expectations what are the courses and the degree programs that has more demand and validity and also the local and international recognitions that the particular institute has etc.

If you were looking for solid answers to your question the most trusted education partner in Sri Lanka, Royal institute Colombo is happy to guide you with best by grooming you to prepare you to win your future by making yourself a demanding personality.

Why following a one-year degree course is important to you?

The most important fact about a one-year degree course is the length of the course period. It’s short but promising to enroll you with valid theoretical knowledge, subject exposure and a practical knowledge.

One year degree courses will speed by your journey towards your dream career by allow you to groom your skills and knowledge, so you don’t need to wait for long time to navigate your career path to the right direction. It will surely save your precious time and money compared to more lengthy courses but assures to offer you the more valid qualifications and skill sets to prepare you to pertain your goals.

Also, the world has accepted that the one year degree courses are more intensive and efficient promising to bring you more results that will make following one year degree program a productive choice.

Benefits that you get from following a one year degree course in Royal institute Colombo

Following one year degree course will bring you more pluses and benefits to your career, education, profile and career.

The first benefit that you will get by following a one year degree course is, it is promising to expand the job opportunities in your preferred industry, while preparing yourself for a special career.

Another benefit that you get is successfully completing a one-year degree will help you to have a firm economical and financial stability and also you can start looking for ways to generate an extra revenue with practical knowledge that you get from the degree program.

All of the degree courses that we exclusively present for you not just deliver the subject knowledge but will be helpful to improve the related soft skills as well, so that you can also improve your confidence,  personality, self esteem to make a successful personal growth.

Why choosing Royal institute Colombo to follow your one year degree course in Sri Lanka

There are a lot of valid reasons for you to chose Royal Institute Colombo as your educational partner to follow a one year degree course. Being one of the top leading institute in Sri Lanka, Royal Institute Colombo has earned a great reputation, recognition and trust as a qualified education partner in Sri Lanka.

We are happy to deliver excellence for serving nation and producing qualified graduates to the country by fulfilling the expectations of our beloved parents and students.

The courses that we offer are all designed to meet the international standards by linking with University of London from where all the courses are presented, and so as the international recognition that you always looked for in a degree program is right there at Royal Institute Colombo.

Royal Institute Colombo is always get updated with the international academic criteria, and so as the institute is equipped with modern facilities and supportive sources that will allow you to enjoy your degree throughout the learning process and it will also help you to have a stress free set up for studies.

Furthermore, our team is consisting with experienced, qualified and professional experts in the industry that will allow to get a greater exposure to your studies by getting a valid practical understanding to all the theoretical studies that you complete during the learning period.

One year degree courses that you get from Royal Institute Colombo

We are happy to let you know that what you look for is right with us. Royal Institute Colombo offers a wide range of one year course programs covering the different sectors of Mathematics, economics, international studios, statistics, sociology, social psychology, accounts, finance, law, biology, business management, chemistry, and many more.

The successful complicating one year degree program conducting by International Foundation Program helps you to access a wide range of degree programs presented by University of London.

The exams and the markings are verified by the University of London so the institute is maintaining high standards in all of the courses present for you. Thus, the quality that you look is right assured with us.

How to apply for a one-year degree course program at Royal Institute Colombo

Connecting with Royal Institute Colombo to making a demanding profile for yourself is very easy. If you have successfully completed either Cambridge, Edexcel, or equivalent GCE Ordinary Level or Advance Level (National and London both considered), and if you have passed a minimum of at least four separate subjects at GCSE/ GCE Ordinary Level with grades of A-C you can get the internal admission test and the following interview to make yourself qualified to complete the entry requirements to choose your preferred courses from the list.

Dream bigger with Royal Institute Colombo to create your future with a remarkable demand. Contact us for more information to learn about the courses and the related processes to start your preferred one year degree course.

To start one year degree courses in Sri Lanka contact Royal Institute of Colombo.