Wants to know how to become an aerospace engineer in Sri Lanka?

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most popular on the list of engineering degrees for the series of value additions and recognition’s you will get along with the degree.

In aerospace engineering, basically, you are required to check and improve the flight safety, speed, weight, and fuel efficiency level of the vessels, reducing the cost, etc. Apart from these you will research, design, maintain, develop, and test the performance of the following areas of satellites, missiles, space vehicles, weapons systems, and civil and military aircraft.

There are many types of aerospace engineers depending on the field that you are specializing in. From the list, systems integration, materials and structures, avionics, propulsion, and aerodynamics are a few of the aerospace engineers. The basement of direct to your dreamed aerospace engineering career starts by following a degree that is related to a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

The degree will direct you to the right path that will help you to pertain your dream career and you will get amazed to get along with many of the celebrated industrial high profiles.

Introducing you high demanding degree programmes that you can pertain in Sri Lanka itself, Royal Institute Colombo presents you with four years of degree programmes to become what you are in you. The path to fulfilling your most awaited dream to become an aerospace engineer is not a dream anymore, as Royal Institute Colombo is very much happy to offer you valid opportunities to reach your career goals.

Below we have listed some of the useful information that will offer you a valid insight to get along the way to become an aerospace engineer.

What are the entry requirements to apply for a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering?

To apply for the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in Sri Lanka at Royal Institute Colombo, it is required you to have the following qualifications. It doesn’t matter whether you have completed the National Advanced Level exam or London Advanced Level, you must have completed Advanced Level in the stream of mathematics.

If you have taken National Advanced Level in Mathematics stream, you are required to have 9 points, and if you have completed the National Advanced Level in the stream of Mathematics you should have got 6 points.

If you have not completed the above mention requirements, don’t worry you may check for more information at Royal Institute Colombo to ensure the qualifications that will make you eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree program.

The course content of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

The degree programme of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute Colombo is a four year designed degree programme. The qualified students who become eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree programme can proceed with the course.

The first year of the degree programme is required to cover the compulsory modules covered by the Royal Institute of Colombo. There are about six course units to cover in the first year of the degree and the courses that you will complete are Materials Engineering Project, introduction to Mathematical Modeling, Programming for Engineers, Design Fundamentals, Engineering Physics, Applied Algebra, and Physics.

After successfully completing the first-year modules, you can proceed with the second year of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree programme which consists of another six course units. The courses required to follow are Machine Designs, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Modeling, Structural Designs, Stress and Failure Analysis, and Thermodynamics.

The successful completion of the first two years will guide you to proceed with the next two years of the degree programme’s modules will be conducted at Royal Institute Colombo or at the world-renowned Deakin University, Australia. 

What are the job opportunities available in completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Royal Institute Colombo?

A bachelor of Mechanical Engineering is known as one of the most demanding degrees in the country as so as in the world, which makes you open up to many fascinating job opportunities right across the world. A few of the career opportunities that you dreamt to achieve by reading Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering are listed as follows.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers are celebrated as one of the top listed highest-pay positions in the world and in some organizations’ aerospace engineers are also called aeronautical engineers. And for aerospace engineering, you may apply for local career opportunities and also can apply for international career opportunities as well.

Automotive Engineer

Automotive Engineering is another incredible job opportunity that will be led to you by completing a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree. The role is a highly paid and demanding position in the automotive industry. The job finds quite interesting as it is all about innovating new vehicles and upgrading the standards and efficiency of the existing car functioning.

The field of automotive engineering is all about intensive research while industrial professionals require educated and committed. Following an internship after completing the degree will direct your path as a professional

CAD Technician

CAD Technicians are known as CAD engineers, technicians, digital design technicians,  BIM technicians, and civil CAD operators as well. The job role is mainly required to design 2D and 3D drawings for construction and manufacturing projects by using computer software.

The position will be very much interesting as you will be taking complex information and converting them to produce diagrams for architecture work and other construction work.

Contracting Civil Engineer

Constructing engineers is another high-paid, high-demanding position in the world. You are required to manage and utilize human resources and materialistic sources in any type of construction project.

Here we have listed above some of the fascinating job opportunities that you can have by following a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree, including your favourite career opportunity which is Aerospace Engineering.

Royal Institute Colombo is happy to contribute to your future dreams by grooming you as a qualified professional in the industry. For more information, keep connected with Royal Institute Colombo and find out the best available opportunities to amaze your future.