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If you’re interested in a career in the automotive, aircraft, ship-building, aerospace and railroad industries; supplier companies; and other manufacturing and design companies, Deakin’s mechanical engineering program is for you. You will develop project management, communication and financial management skills, as well as a solid understanding of product and process modelling and designing for sustainability.


Course Structure

The course comprises a total of 16 credit points.

Year 1

SEJ101   Design Fundamentals (2 credit points)
SEB101   Engineering Fundamentals
SIT199   Applied Algebra and Statistics
SEJ103   Materials Engineering Project (2 credit points)
SIT107   Cyber-Physical Computing Design Project (2 credit points)
SIT194   Introduction to Maths Modelling
SIT172   Programming for Engineers

Year 2

SEM200 Machine Design (2 credit points)
SEM218  Fluid Mechanics
SEP291   Engineering Modelling
SEJ201   Structural Design (2 credit points)
SEM202 Thermodynamics
SEM216  Stress and Failure Analysis

For Year 3 and Year 4 subjects, refer to

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