Your most intimate educational foundation Royal Institute is happy to present you a series of UK degree programs in Sri Lanka that you can complete in Sri Lanka. Check for the followings and learn about the best that matches your dream pathway.

1. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

To apply for your Bachelor of Laws degree program the minimum qualifications that you need to have is, 2 credit passes and 1 simple pass at one and the same sitting for Sri Lanka or UK Advanced Level examination, plus 4 credit passes for Ordinary level examination including English, Sinhala and Tamil languages.

Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications you are required to take the internal Admission test and interview that will make you qualified to join Bachelor of Law degree program.

The degree program is continuing for three years and every year you have to successfully complete each year’s course modules.  The degree program is designed to offer you a great knowledge and a wide expansion to related professional skills.

2. Master of Laws (LLM)

You also have the choice to obtain a UK degree related to Master of Laws in Sri Lanka now at Royal Institute. To apply for the degree, you should have the entry requirements of A bachelor of Laws (LLB) with Second Class Honors from the University of London, or A Second-Class Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), where you require to have at least half the units are in law-related subjects.

Apart from these you need to have A pass in the Bar Vocational Course of England and Wales, or Qualifying Exam of Solicitors’ Regulations Authority of England (or corresponding exams in Scotland or Northern Irelands, plus a Second-Class Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). Also, you need to have the Common Professional Examinations or a Gratitude Diploma in Law, plus a Second-Class Bachelor degree or an equivalent.

The degree is contained with 3 stages where you will be following Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, Postgraduate Diploma in Laws and Master of Laws in respectful stages. At the end of the program, you will also get the related career opportunities available locally and internationally.

3. MSc Data Science

The next available degree program for you is getting a MSc Data Science UK degree in Sri Lanka. Royal Institute is allowing you to have the Masters degree programs and so as the Postgraduate Diplomas in Data Science.

The programs are offered by Royal Institute Sri Lanka by linking with the University of London. On your choice you can continue the degree program up to five years or we also have the courses for you can be completed in a year.

4. BSc Accounting & Finance

BSc Accounting & Finance degree is another incredible opportunity provides by Royal Institute Colombo allowing you to get a UK degree in Sri Lanka.  By completing the relevant educational qualifications and after completing the internal admission test and interviews you will be qualified to apply for the degree program.

The degree is containing for 3 years course programs and in each respective years you will be covering the related courses and units. The program is designed to offer you the best of the elementary, and introductions to each unit and further extending the program is also designed to get you related industrial exposures as well.

5. BSc Business & Management

Royal Institute Colombo also happy to offer you UK degrees related to BSc Business & Management.  The candidates those who are having relevant qualifications can get the Internal Admission Test, and related interviews.  After successfully completing the relevant qualifications, tests and interviews you will be eligible to join the BSc Business & Management degree program.

The program offers you three years of degree programs designed to get you the theoretical and vocational exposures in each unit. At the end of the degree program, you will not just get a valid and valuable qualifications but also will get the opportunity to get related job opportunities at global level.

6. BSc Economics

For those who are fond of continuing the higher education related to BSc Economics, Royal Institute Colombo ready to offer you an incredible opportunity to get a UK degree of BSc Economics in Sri Lanka.

If you are having related qualifications along with Advanced Level Mathematics can take the internal admission test and the interview accordingly. After completing the related entry requirements, you are allowed to join the degree program.

BSc Economics program is extending to three years with relevant courses and units. The courses are contained with theoretical and practical exposures to the relevant units. For those who successfully completing the three years’ degree program will get a valid qualification in BSc Economics and also you will be getting many global job opportunities as well.

7. BSc International Relations

BSc International Relations degrees require a higher demand. At Royal Institute Colombo now you get the opportunity to obtain UK degree in BSc International Relations. If you are having required educational qualifications at Advanced and Ordinary Levels examination you can get the internal admission test and the interview accordingly to compete the requirements to apply for the BSc International Relations degree program.

The three years degree program is designed to offer you a great exposure to elementary subject knowledge and going forward you will also get the in detailed theoretical knowledge as well.

After completing the three years degree program successfully you will also get amazing opportunities to find your dream careers.

Being one of the leading educational institutes in Sri Lanka, Royal Institute of Colombo is best known for contributing the excellence for years by creating opportunities for our Sri Lankan students to continue their higher education in their favorite stream by joining an UK degree programs in Sri Lanka.

At Royal Institute Colombo, you are not just getting the opportunity to get a valid degree but also, we are ready to create your pathway leading you to direct you to your dream careers. Royal Institute Colombo is happy to take you through the journey of success that will be helpful to build your future in a preferred way.