Wants to know how to become a data scientist in Sri Lanka?

Most career dreams are influencing to become the profiles that have better demand and impression in the competitive working environment. Data scientists are also becoming a career that has a timeless and incredible demand that is connecting each and every space in the globe.

We understand your expectations and dreams to become what you always wanted in your life. We have realized the fact that we have a considerable and never ending responsivity in helping you to become what you want. Being a professional and matured educational institution Royal Institute of Colombo is proudly celebrating for service the excellence to our nation for over 40 years.

We have a path yet to conclude and we have learnt the fact that in order to groom you to compete with the modern world it is our duty to get you the best and make you the best.

Our degree program always designed to cater the demanding opportunities creating in the world. And if you are a person you is passionate to discover the inspiring opportunities in the world related to IT firm we are very much happy to say that you are on a right track.

Let us take your hand and escort you to most exciting career opportunities in your life and hope this little guidance will help you to conquer the world in your style.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists get the best opportunities to pursue the best for their intellectual capacities and potentials that is the unique beauty of this position. You will be creating and contributing the legends related to the novel advances take place in information technology.

Data scientists earning the best where there is the ultimate satisfaction when you successfully analyzing for uncover insights.  This will directly impact the flow, operations and the growth of an organization. You will be playing a significant role here in developing and forecasting predictive and theorizing models.

The job scoop of a data scientist is pretty much interesting. It is mostly based on creativity and skills. You will be discovering regular patterns and trends connected to data base insights. You will be also taking forecasting outcome by producing data models.

Data scientists also has a considerable weight in an organization, because they are there to come up with recommendations and  reveal the data that will enhance the productivity of an organization that related to operations and processes.

Data scientists are considered as a senior position that will get you attractive packages and job satisfaction by contributing the core of an organization. Yet to make yourself a demanding profile it is also important to choose the right path.

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How to become a data scientist in Sri Lanka

We are happy to let you know that becoming a data scientist in no more just a dream. Follow us for right guidance and Royal Institute of Colombo will be more than happy to mentor and coaching your journey towards the success.

The first requirement that must be fulfilled from your side to become a data scientist is completing a relevant degree that has the right value and recognition in the industry. Royal Institute is where you can get qualified yourself with valid academic approaching.

The 3 years designed degree program is focusing to enroll you to make yourself a valuable professional in becoming a data scientist.

If you are completing the minimal qualifications of 5 GCSEs at grade A-C or 3 GCE AS Levels grade A-E or acceptable equivalents of either Cambridge, Edexcel, or equivalent GCE ordinary level (National/ London) and Advanced Level (National/ London) mathematics or statistics (concerning as mandatory) you will be qualified to go through internal test and interviews to pass out to get the admission to following up the degree program.

BSc Data Science degree in Sri Lanka that you can pursue at Royal Institute of Colombo will not just offer you the relevant academic qualifications but also will give you a wide exposure for practical insight related to the industry as well.

Following Bsc Data Science degree will never fail your dreams to become a qualified and professional data scientist and it will also guide you for getting the right job experience as well.

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Data Scientist Career Path

The path that lead to make you a data scientist is not so an easy one but also not something challenging to achieve as long as you are on a right track with proper guidance and mentoring.

Most of the data scientists come with qualified academic background, inclusive of masters and doctor degrees also sometimes. Completing academics are not just enough to build yourself as a demanding profile it also seek relevant capacities, skills and industrial exposure as well.

Experience in the field can get by working in different project where you will be facing challenges, and it will make you shaping up by getting more and more industrial exposures.

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Develop skills

The role of data scientists deliberately seeking the potentials and the skills in you apart from the academic and professional background that you possessing. The updated knowledge about the industry and effective communication skills are considering as essentials to become data scientists.

Data scientists always required to come up with something creative and so as the creativity level that you have developed in programming language, machine learning, big data, and data visualization are also considered as key components that need to develop in you in order to survive in this competitive industry.

Build Portfolio

Amount of experience that you have in the field also will groom you to be a demanding professional data scientist expert. At least a primary level exposure as a data scientist will be very much useful when you are facing the bigger interviews rather than proceeding to apply for the position with zero experience.

What you can do while you are following your degree is joining a project or a company where you ca get at least a basic level exposure. Royal Institute has lined up plenty of programs where you can get the academic exposure and also the industrial experience at the same time. So you may build up your portfolio accordingly to prepare yourself to win the world for you.

Contact Royal institute for more information or to get yourself registered sooner for the next intake. Make your choose to choose the right and the world will surely choose you.