Wants to know how to become an accountant in Sri Lanka?

If you are worrying at the moment that becoming an account is a mere dream that would be very much challenging to achieve, we are about  to share you an exciting news by also proving the fact that pursue your life awaited career is not a dream anymore.

Becoming an accountant is one of the dream careers of most of the students. But unfortunately due to the insufficient guidance and the lack of professional institute that are industrially qualified in producing accountants most students are not getting the opportunity to become what they want and settle their future with a satisfactory career.

Being a professional, leading and qualified educational institute in Sri Lanka Royal Institute of Colombo has taken tremendous efforts for the betterment of our children and we are so humble to celebrate the success that earn by our beloved students.

Over 40 years of serving excellence to our nation our ultimate vision is to give the best for our students and make them prepare to compete with the world tomorrow by securing their life goals, and prospects with a better future.

The course units that we exclusively present you will make sure that you will be enrolled as a qualified accountant with a demanding profile that will be surely helpful to grab the best possible opportunities and will make sure that you will not miss out anything that you wanted to have in your dream career.

What is an accountant?

What has made accounting a dream career for most of the students is mainly because of the enormous potentials it offers where you can get a job satisfaction, attractive packages and earning opportunities with more than what you expected.

Accounting is surely a career that will amaze anyone that will surely offer you a lot. Mainly working with different projects and the experience and the maturity that you can get from handling complicated situations related to finance quite incredible where you will be getting a complete exposure in the industry.

Accounting is a demanding job role that will surely lead to every other industry. Therefore, you will be having the job security where you can be recruited to anywhere at anytime.

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How to become an accountant in Sri Lanka

Becoming an accountant is very much easier for you. All you have to make is the right choice. As a leading educational institute in Sri Lanka Royal Institute is firmly aware about the gaps and the challenges facing by the students in Sri Lanka.

What makes them losing confident on the opportunities they get is most of the degree programs in Sri Lanka fail to give the industrial exposure for the students and so as they don’t get the chance to obtain the right experience and practical knowledge that is much needed for accounting.

The accounting degree program that you can get at Royal Institute is mainly focusing the pragmatic solutions that will take the students to where they need to be in their career. We give theatrical knowledge but also will make sure that the students get the practical exposure that will help them to groom themselves as a demanding profile in the industry.

Choosing to follow an accounting and finance degree in Sri Lanka at Royal Institute of Colombo will never fail your expectations to become a professional accountant in future. The minimal requirements that you need to fulfil to be qualified to follow the degree is at least 5 GCE at grade A-E or acceptable equivalents GCE ordinary level or Advanced level (national/ London). Also you will be going through an internal admission tests and interviews respectfully.

The course is designed for 3 years program. To pass out for the next level you have to complete the relevant course unit successfully.

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Accountant Career Path

Usually the career path that you have to go through to become an accountant is known as a straightforward one. The beginning of the career will be taking you on a journey that is at a primary level of accounting position or may be as an accountant staff.

The mature you get in the field you will be enrolled as a senior accountant that will surely direct you to a managing position in future. The years of experience that you obtained in the industry will sure lift and upgrade your position for the next level.

The beauty of the accountant career path is as soon as you are ready to embrace the challenges as the opportunities there are a lot of chances to take you where you want.

Be sure of yourself and Royal institute of Colombo will be very much happy to carefully take you on the ladder of success.

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Develop skills

Only the academic success is surely not so enough to survive in a competitive industry that has a higher demand and everyone who step into the accounting industry are coming with better profiles in order to grab the best possible opportunities.

Soft skills are concerning as the most significant that require in developing skills.  You have to get yourself ready in order make yourself a demanding profile that comes with required academic qualifications.

It is a must to improve your communications skills to express yourself professionally and that is one of the key fact that will help you to show up your other presentation skills in prolific knowledge about the industry, proficiency in accounting and finance, potentials and capacities, analytical skills, management skills and many more that comes in develop skills.

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Build Portfolio

Your portfolio is also very much important to develop if you are looking for opportunities to become an accountant.  Whenever there is a chance take that opportunity and try to get experience in working for different projects. Experience surely reflects a positive insight for your capacities. The amount of the experience you have collected have the best possibility to open up more and more opportunities for you.

Focus your career path grooming yourself as a qualified accountant at Royal Institute of Colombo and you will be blessed to feel the world is limitless for you.  This is the right time to choose right and become what you dreamt.