Mr. Janindu Janmika Maddumakulage

Lecturer Cum Academic Coordinator – Psychology

Academic Qualification:

  •  MSc Clinical and Health Psychology (Reading) – University of West London
  • PG. Dip in Psychology – University of Peradeniya
  • BA (General) Psychology, Management, English – Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy
  • Diploma in English – Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy

Internship and Trainee Positions:

  • Internship at National Hospital Kandy (Teaching)
    Observed individual and group counseling sessions, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach.
    Provided psychological assessments, intakes, and referrals in collaboration with consultants.
    Performed related tasks supervised by staff, with clinical work supervised by psychiatrist.
  • Trainee Psychologist at National Institute of Mental Health – (Angoda)
    Attended gender transition and general adult psychiatric clinics.
    Participated in comprehensive ward rounds, gaining insight into patient management.
    Provided case presentations of clinically diagnosed patients.
    Actively observed and learned from experienced mental health professionals.

Current Research Topic:

  • Children’s accounts on parental reactions towards the disclosure of sexual orientations of
    their non-heterosexual children (In Progress)
    Research Interests:
  • Clinical psychology -Sexuality, Cannabis & cognition, Discrimination, Trauma